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It is in the nature of man to be a rational-cultural being, a social being and a political being. It is these three unique characteristics which distinguish man from other creature,


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Man as a rational-cultural being, endowed with reason and Culture, will always create things with his labour, be it concrete or abstract, which serve as requirements for preserving his life as a human being. In his efforts to preserve his life, he will not be successful singlehandedly, but will, in accordance with his second characteristics as a social being, look for a companion or companions to help him with the work he cannot do on his own. His third characteristic as a political being makes him conscious of the 'fact that to preserve his life in the modern world he needs a state.

Art is one of the aspect of the cultural life of man that emphasizes the aesthetic and artistic angles of things. And one of the branches of art that is of considerable importance is dancing.

Since dancing is one of the branches of art, and art is one of the aspects of man's cultural life, we can say that the beginnings of dancing coincide with the beginnings of man. Cosequently, the nature of every human being fits him to dance. Bur the ability to dance well, will, of course, vary from one person to another. This difference, however, is only caused by varying talents or potentialities.